Pupil Support

Designated Teacher – Mrs Mann
Deputy Designated Teachers – Mr Waddell/Mrs Hodgett

We aim to support all our pupils in school. Pupils sometimes feel sad, worried, anxious about things going on in their lives.  If you feel like this or just want someone to talk something over with, then we want to help.  You can talk to your form teacher, your year head, Mrs Mann, Mr Waddell or Mr Bell. If you would like to talk to an independent counsellor, Alison is in on a Monday morning and Heather is in all day Thursday.  Many young people have used the counselling service and found it very helpful. If you want an appointment see Mrs Mann or use the post box in the office. Everything you talk about is confidential.  The only time that the counsellor will have to inform anyone else is if they think you are in danger.  They will tell you this.  The person that they will tell is Mrs Mann because she is the designated teacher for Child Protection. Mr Waddell and Mrs Hodgett are deputy designated teachers.

Year Heads (Pastoral)

Year 8 – Mr Reynolds

Year 9 – Mrs Appleton

Year 10 – Mrs Wilson

Year 11 – Mrs Buchanan

Year 12 – Mrs Black

Year 13/14 – Ms Haines

What is Child Protection?

Child protection is preventing and responding to violence, exploitation and abuse against children. In other words, if anything is being done that may result in you being harmed or in danger we want to help you stop it. If there are anything that you may be worried about that may cause you to be harmed or in danger then speak to Mrs Mann. She will be able to help and this may involve talking to your parents or other organisations that will be able to help you.  She will always tell you what is happening and explain what she is doing.


In year 8 and 9 your form class will have a mentor.  These are year 12 pupils that have been appointed to your class and have taken part in training to be a mentor.  You can also talk to them about any worries that you have.