English is about developing confident and effective communication skills and enjoyment of literature at all levels.  Within our department there is a strong emphasis on literacy skills and this is reflected in our KS3 results which have been steadily improving and currently stand at 70% of pupils achieving level 5 or above at the end of year 10.

Classes are broadly streamed at KS3 and, whilst the Revised Curriculum is followed by all pupils, work is differentiated accordingly. Incorporated into English lessons pupils also have a Drama/ library skills period taken either in the Drama studio, or in our well stocked library, under the supervision of our full time librarian.

Assessment is carried out through a combination of continuous assessment and end of term tests. English merits are used to reward exceptional work and pupils are encouraged through peer/ self assessment and target setting, to reflect on and improve standards.

At KS4 we offer GCSE English language as the basic course with a number of pupils also following GCSE English literature.  A small number of pupils may do ELQ/ Basic English skills as an alternative if necessary. We are pleased with a steady success rate of 50%+ at grade C or above. It is important that all pupils continue to develop critical awareness and literacy competence – teaching and learning remains focused, active and meaningful.

The English Department participates in a range of initiatives, enjoying theatre visits and running a junior drama club, a Young Journalists’ Club,  and most recently, a Book Club.  Over the years there have been a number of successful productions, including ‘Grease, to celebrate the school’s 50th birthday.