Mathematics embraces a wide range of inter-related activities.  It is a stimulating,
challenging and hopefully enjoyable experience. It makes a major contribution to other subjects and is used regularly ineveryday life.

Pupils in years 8, 9 and 10 are following the Revised Curriculum in Mathematics and Financial Capability.  Pupils experience a variety of teaching methods which include ICT, group work, cooperative problem solving and active learning tasks and activities.

Throughout their studies the pupils are encouraged to increase their confidence and are given many opportunities to develop curiosity, interest and enjoyment in the subject.

At Key Stage 4 pupils are entered for GCSE Maths and follow a modular course.  Each pupil is entered for a tier which is considered to be suitable for his/her  ability.

At the end of year 11 pupils sit their first module.  The second and final module is examined at the end of year 12.

We offer GCSE Additional Mathematics as an option.  Pupils will sit 2 exams at the end of year 12.

We now offer A level Maths and have just started AS Edexcel with our year 13 class.  They will sit C1 in January and C2 and M1 in June.

In the Maths department we aim to provide all pupils with the necessary mathematical skills which they will need in their everyday lives and future careers.

Pupils are also given opportunities to develop many other skills including; problem solving, logical reasoning, ICT, managing information, working with others, self management and being creative.

All pupils in Year 9 take part in our Crystal Maze Day in June.  Each student has to complete a logic, number or shape challenge in one of our 5 zones.  If the challenge is completed successfully in the allocated time the team is given a Crystal.  Each Crystal gives the team time in the Crystal Maze trying to find even numbered dominoes.  Great fun is had by all!!