Pastoral Care

Year 8 Induction Booklet (pdf)

Our main concern is to ensure that pupils are happy and safe in school; and feel secure and well-supported in their learning.  The pastoral needs of the young people in our care during the school day, are taken very seriously.  We encourage both pupils and parents to share any concerns they may have related to school. We seek to ensure that school and home, work in close co-operation, at all times.

Each pupil has a Form Teacher, with whom they meet regularly, during the week.  The Form Teacher is the first point of contact for a pupil, if they have any difficulties or issues.

Prefects also undertake training in mentoring and are assigned to a Year 8 form class, to assist with induction and transition from primary school.

Year Heads oversee the work of pupils in their year group. They also liaise with, and provide support to form teachers.

The Year Heads are:

Year 8 – Mr Reynolds

Year 9 – Mrs Appleton

Year 10 – Mrs Wilson

Year 11 – Miss Canning

Year 12 – Mrs Black

Year 13 & 14 – Ms Haines

Mrs Mann (Vice Principal) has overall responsibility for the Junior School.

Mr Waddell (Vice Principal) is responsible for the Senior School.

We hold regular parents’ afternoons for each year group, to allow parents to update themselves with their child’s progress.  We encourage all parents to attend these meetings.  Dates for parents’ afternoons are highlighted in the pupils’ school planner (Homework Diary) and again on this website.

Pupils also have access, on request, to professional school counselors.  This service is available to all pupils, in school on Mondays and Thursdays.

To support pastoral work, pupils undertake a statutory curriculum in Personal and Social Education (PSE) in Years 8-10 and through Learning for Life and Work (LLW) in Years 11-12.  Pupils in Year 13 and 14 also have a designated PSE period every week.

A range of policies and procedures are in place, related to Pastoral Care. These are available under the ‘Policies‘ section of this website, and include our statutory obligations under child protection.