Citizenship is about community relations at local and global level.  It explores:

  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Equality and Social Justice
  • Democracy and Participation
  • Human Rights and Social Responsibility

Classes at Key Stage 3 follow the CEA resource for post-primary schools, ‘Local and Global Citizenship’.  They also participate in a variety of action projects related to local and global issues such as disabled access, fair trade, global warming and education for all.

At Key Stage 4 students study:

  • Culture – identity and conflict resolution
  • A local issue and its possible resolution
  • Human Rights issues at global level

Citizenship has close links with many other subjects in school, including Personal Development, History, Geography, Religious Education and English.  Links are also maintained with other schools, local councillors, MLAs, our MP, NGOs, youth workers, the PSNI and other community workers and organisations.