Banbridge High School has long led the way when it comes to environmental issues.

In 2011, Miss McClelland was chosen as ‘Eco leader of the Year’ by Eco-Unesco Ireland.  Since 2003, the High School has reached the finals six times.  Miss McClelland is the first person to receive this award.  It recognises commitment to the work of the pupils and dedication to the raising of environmental issues, not only in the life of the school but also the wider community.

We are the only secondary school in the SELB to have achieved a ‘Green Flag’.  This is the highest level of the Eco-school’s award scheme.  The school has won the Green Flag on 3 different occasions:

  • 2003   Waste & Recycling
  • 2006   Sustainable Transport
  • 2008   Energy

The projects undertaken by the Geography Club have been wide and varied down through the years: dramas about biodiversity; film-making; fundraising and sponsorship of endangered species.

A large part of the work is concerned with raising awareness amongst the school and local community.  This has included presentations in the Council Chambers and playing host to 5 Councils involved in the ‘Clean Air Strategy’ initiative; radio interviews and working with local primary schools and local newspapers.

The Geography Club has won several awards through the Eco-Unesco Young Environmentalist’s Award.  Since 2003, different groups have travelled to the finals in Dublin, on no less than 6 different occasions, winning in:

  • 2003   Junior: Waste
  • 2004   Junior: Air
  • 2008   Junior: Energy
  • 2009   Junior: Climate Change & Overall Junior Category Winners

Other awards have included:

  • Walk to School Week: Best Promotional Campaign 2006
  • RSPB 40th Anniversary Award:  Winners of Schools category 2006
  • Best Kept School Award 1999 & 2007
  • Representatives from the school attended the Youth Eco-Parliament in London and Paris in 2006.

More recently, Rebecca Wilson was chosen to represent the school and N. Ireland on an Arctic Voyage in 2008.  Run by the British Council, the school won the competition with a short DVD called ‘The A to Z of Global Warming’.  Rebecca was part of an international crew that sailed around Iceland, Greenland and Baffin Island, to see first-hand the effects of climate change.  Her experiences and observations have been of great value to teaching about climate change and an inspiration to budding young environmentalists.