Home Economics

Home Economics is a practical subject which teaches useful skills important for a pupil’s future independent living.

At Key Stage 3 all pupils have the opportunity to develop skills and strategies useful for making wise food choices, for developing and promoting positive relationships with their family and peers, and for living independently in the future.

This includes learning to:

  • make healthy food choices;
  • prepare and cook food and make healthy dishes;
  • be an effective consumer;
  • look after the environment; and
  • be aware of roles and responsibilities within the home.

At Key Stage 3 pupils have two 50 minute periods of Home Economics each week. Lessons include: practical cooking activities, food comparisons, written activities, group work, research activities, discussion and evaluation.

Recipes used during Year 8, Year 9 and Year 10 are available to pupils through the schools VLE.

Pupils can choose to study Home Economics at Key Stage 4, within the Options System:

GCSE Home Economics

This course focuses on three main areas:

  • Family Life
  • Diet and Health
  • Choice and management of resources.

The course further develops skills required not only for employment in the future e.g. in industry, in food preparation, etc. but is also useful for everyday choices and independent living.

Occupational Studies: Hospitality and Catering

This is a practical cooking course with a focus on the development of cooking skills:

  • Food Preparation and Cooking (Kitchen and Larder)
  • Food Preparation and Cooking (Patisserie)

The continued development of practical cooking skills plays a vital role in both of the above courses.

GCSE Home Economics: Child Development

This is an enjoyable subject which focuses on topics such as parenting, pre-conceptual care, pregnancy, birth and development of a child from birth to five years of age.

Pupils have the opportunity to study a child or a group of children, researching a topic of their own choice.

Pupils who want to progress to a higher level after GCSE can opt to study GCE Health and Social Care (Double Award) in our Sixth Form.