The new curriculum allows us to work on  more varied projects with an emphasis on practical application of skills and design.

We  are aware that for many pupils, this is their first experience for pupils in using the various tools, equipment, materials and machinery available. We hope that as well as learning new skills, they will enjoy their experiences in creating solutions to the various problems they encounter.

Pupils in Key Stage 3 use wood, metal, plastics and many other materials before deciding whether or not to choose this subject for GCSE in Key Stage 4.

Throughout their work, pupils experience Designing, Manufacturing, Computer Programming, Modeling, CAD/CAM and much more.

Occupational Studies

Within our Occupational Studies course pupils have the opportunity to study Carpentry & Joinery Level 1 & 2.  This practical course is available as an option in the year 10 choices for KS4.  Along with other Occupational Studies subjects, top grades have GCSE equivalence.