The Science department is a vibrant department in which each pupil is introduced to as wide a range of scientific experiences as possible.

Science is a practical subject and as such we place the emphasis on learning through questioning and experimentation.  Our science programmes are designed to promote an enquiring mind and develop creative and critical thinking in a safe and secure learning environment.   Through practical work the pupils also develop the skills to allow safe collaborative working practices and learn the scientific approach to problem solving, interpreting information and reporting conclusions.

At Key stage 4 we offer two courses:

Double award science and Single award science. All exams are modular based and provided by CCEA.  The majority of pupils chose to study Double award science at Key stage 4.  Our science results are consistently excellent and as a result we have introduced GCE A level Biology as an option at Key stage 5.

When pupils leave, we hope that through acquiring scientific knowledge and skills, they will be better equipped and more confident in making informed decisions about the transition to further education, the work place and lifestyle choices.