Learning a second language is an important skill. All pupils study French at Key Stage 3 & 4 under the guidance of specialist language teachers.

In the junior school we aim to develop a range of skills and vocabulary to allow pupils to speak and write about themselves. We also encourage pupils to develop an awareness of language and how it works. They also examine cultural differences between their own daily life and young people in France.

At Key Stage 4 pupils follow a course leading to GCSE awarded by the AQA examination board.  Pupils encounter language and skills related to a visit to a French-speaking country or hosting a French person here in Northern Ireland.  We also examine how language-specific skills and learning skills developed through languages can enhance career options and increase mobility.

Pupils are encouraged to use a range of learning techniques and to use a variety of multi-media resources including computers, the internet, camcorders and podcasts.

We have an annual subscription to the Linguascope website which allows all our pupils to practise and revise French on a computer at home.