Business Studies

The Business Studies Department aims to develop in young people a knowledge and understanding of the business world, enabling them to become good communicators and develop an inquiring mind.  Students will have the opportunity to develop skills in ICT and numeracy.

The Business Studies Department offers the following courses to students aged 14-18 years:

  • OCR GCE A Level Applied Business (Double Award and Single Award)
  • CCEA GCSE Business Studies
  • AQA GCSE Business and Communication Systems

These courses provide students with a knowledge of:

  • Types of business ownership
  • Financing a business
  • People in business
  • Marketing
  • Production
  • ICT systems in business

The Business Studies Department is well-equipped, having two rooms with computers available for students.  Students have access to a wide range of textbooks, business magazines and the internet to assist with research.

Local businesses and speakers are used to keep students in touch with the world of work and our students are encouraged to take an interest in what is happening in the local economy.

Business links are further strengthened through staff representation on Banbridge Business Education Partnership which meets on a monthly basis.