Area Learning Community Information – February 2015

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Children In Crossfire


In the maths department this week we have had some classes working on the Children in Crossfire Maths Challenge.

Children In Crossfire is a charity designed to help young children in Tanzania and Ethiopia with food and water.

It will ensure the delivery of essential Early Childhood Development programmes in Ethiopia and Tanzania. If a child is well fed, stimulated and loved in their first 5 years of life they will perform much better at school and have the start in life we all deserve.The pupils in 8N 10 MT and 9BT took part in the Children in crossfire challenge.  This involved answering 8 maths questions with an African theme in a 1 hour period.



Ryan’s Stop Animation

Year 10 student Ryan O’Neill has created a number of stop animation movies.  He created all the characters, vehicles and sound effects.  Here is a sample of his work