Stand By Me!


During the week of 31st March-4th April a number of students participated in an H20 challenge to raise money for the charity Stand By Me. This charity works with children throughout Africa, Asia and South America to provide health, education and nutrition to each of the kids in our care. To help raise money, students were only allowed to drink water during this week and had to substitute their lemonade, coke and diluted juice for water only! The students raised an amazing amount of money totalling £620.00. This money is going to help children in Dembi Dollo in Ethiopia by giving them access to clean drinking water and a new shower block at their new Stand By Me School.

A very big thank you to all who participated in the event!

Miss Black and Stand By Me!

Sports Day 2014

Sports Day 2014 took place yesterday (28th May 2014).  Cick on the image below to view the photogallery